MPC Space 1999 Eagle available soon


Good news, everyone, soon you’ll be able to buy a styrene Space 1999 Eagle model again. Round 2 Models will apparently resurrect the old MPC kit, according to a report by CultTVman. This is great news to me, because I’ve always loved the Eagles from Space 1999, probably for the same reason I’ve always loved Thunderbird 2. The Eagles are a realistic design for a workhorse spacecraft that would operate on the Moon. They are not realistic for those episodes where you saw an Eagle flying through the atmosphere of a planet, but I don’t fault the original design for the stupidity of the main premise of the show.

The kit that Round 2 will reintroduce unfortunately will not have new tooling, so it will have all the same problems as the original, and I won’t go into those here. If you want to know those failings, visit to learn everything about the Eagle and the various mass produced and garage kit models. The Round 2 kit will be 1/72nd scale and you can see a nice build up of one at And in case you were wondering, the MPC kit is the same as the Airfix kit, which is the same as the FunDimensions kit.

Below, you’ll see a very nice tour of one of the original 44″ Eagle models. Try not to drool.

For more news about Space 1999, just google it and you’ll be amazed at the number of sites devoted to Gerry Anderson’s iconic show, from the EaglerTransporter website mentioned above to Martin Bowers website to the supposed Space 2099 series from ITV, about which I’ve heard little recently, possibly because of the emphasis of a new Thunderbirds series.

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