Creating WordPress theme from scratch tutorial

This post is more a note to myself to remember this excellent set of tutorials by Brad Schiff. He  shows the development of a WordPress theme from scratch. Although hardly a complete theme, what he creates in the tutorial is a working theme and during the process, he explains many of the fundamental programming blocks like The Loop, which is the heart of creating a post.

I’m trying to delve deeper into WordPress, which is really a fascinating community, blogging tool and exemplar of people working together. I eventually want to modify a simple theme like _S and turn it into a Starfleet theme to be used in one of my many non-money making projects. Even if that never happens, it’s still fun to explore and use what I learn from these tutorials to customize the themes I use in web development.

I usually limit myself to customizing the css of a theme, but I’ve had occasion to modify a php file, sometimes less than successfully.

PS Brad is an energetic, personable and talented teacher. He’s also an excellent example, I think of vocal fry, which I would never have even noticed if I hadn’t heard a segment of This American Life about vocal fry. I really enjoyed listening to Brad’s tutorial and he came across as very intelligent, if a little relentlessly upbeat. He relentlessly used my friend Steffen Andrew’s favorite motivational tool — “Let’s get started!” And the weird thing is that all these mannerisms, the vocal fry and the positive attitude really work, whereas if you well dwell on them:

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