Beautifully made alcohol stove

This is a great video because it’s obvious this stove was made by a scale modeler, based on the tools he has. Those are specialty pliers for bending wire. I lust after then at Micro-Mark. I’m also impressed by the compass cutter he’s using. I think it’s a trammel fitted with a blade. And it’s good to know they use JB Weld in Japan.

I’ve always loved alcohol stoves made from soda cans and I love the way this modeler thinned the inner wall of the bottom piece to allow the piece with the burner jets to slide inside without crimping. And I don’t know that polishing the stove was necessary, but it was sure pretty. The silicon tubing to make the pot support non-skid was also very clever.

Notice also he made a jig to make the clamps, another sign of a scale modeler.

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