Planing jig for warped wood

I don’t have a joiner, so it’s a difficult for me to square a piece of wood that’s not true. To flatten the edge of a board, I can use my router fence or the jig I made to run the edge of a board past my table saw blade, but I have no great way to flatten the face of a board.

I’ve occasionally clamped a board to my work bench and used a hand plane to flatten a board enough to make it usable, but I rarely do this because I don’t generally buy rough lumber. I’m unlikely to get a jointer because I can’t fit another large power tool in my one-car garage, but this jig looks quite handy and might make me buy rough lumber more often.

I like this design of this planer jig. I can see myself buying one inch rough lumber and dimensioning it to 3/4-inch quite often with this jig.

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