Panoramas from England


I am recently returned from a two-week visit to England and I am quickly posting a few photographs of the trip. I will offer many, many more photos and a full narrative later. For now, a few of the panoramas I shot. Click to see the images in a separate window, but be warned that they are all 4000 pixels wide.

The Royal Crescent

For those of you unfamiliar with my book My Particular Friend, my character Charlotte House lives at No. 3 The Royal Cresecent in Bath, England. During the time of Jane Austen, most of the homes in the Royal Crescent, pictured above, were rented out to wealthy visitors. No. 1, at the far right, is now a museum that shows the interior of a typical Georgian Home. In the middle (just to the right of the ubiquitous scaffolding) is a very, very nice hotel. This image was stitched together in PhotoShop.

The British Museum

This is the interior quadrangle of the British Museum. The museum surrounds what was the Reading Room of the British Library, the round white structure in the middle. In 2000, the entire quadrangle was glassed over. Sadly I am told the Reading Room no longer exists as such and has been given over to exhibit space. This image was stitched together in PhotoShop.

Roman Baths

The Roman Baths in Bath. Sadly it was raining, however I have another picture, not a panorama, that shows Bath Abbey above the Baths with some remnants of blue sky.

Royal Naval College

The former Royal Naval College in Greenwich. We arrived in Greenwich a little before 10 a.m. and found the grounds largely deserted. This image was stitched together in PhotoShop.


Stonehenge. That’s a film crew on the left filming no doubt yet another documentary about Stongehenge. Unfortunately there are some stitching artifacts. This image was stitched together in camera.

Windsor Castle

And finally Windsor Castle, the most jaw dropping photo of the whole trip, I think. That’s my husband Jim on the right-hand side. The Queen was not at home. This image was stitched together in camera.

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