England itinerary — Aug. 31 to Sept. 12, 2011

My husband Jim and I took our first trip to England in October 2001, with airport security still high after 9/11 and me still a little fearful that something might happen in England, an eventuality that sadly came true in July 2005. And considering the expense of this trip, we’re probably not going to be to afford another such extravagance for another ten years, when we hope to go to Egypt. And we’re not even going to say “as long as the political situation in Egypt is stable,” because when is it ever?

And I’m writing this down here as a reminder to ourselves about our trip, preparatory to printing a book about our trip. I doubt anyone other than myself, my husband and my particular friend Lee, who with her brother Jim, joined us for the boat trip, will find any of this remotely interesting.

Departure: We left home about 7:30 a.m., Lee having kindly offered to drive us to the airport, her offer in no way influenced by her return from Spain Sept. 22 (she and her brother would leave England for 10 days in Spain at the conclusion of the boat trip).

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