Drafting pen as super glue applicator

Drafting pen

I had the hardest time applying super glue until I remembered a tip someone had posted long ago. That person said he used a draftsmen’s pen as a glue applictor. When I remembered this, I went searching through my old drafting supplies, but my pen was long gone. So I went down to Meininger Art Supply here in Denver and bought a very cheap drafting pen. Now if you’re thinking Rapidograph or some such, you’re too young. No, I learned how to use the old fashioned pen that’s basically just two pieces of metal held together by a set screw. The more you tighten the screw, the thinner the line. It’s like writing with a fountain pen, except there’s no reservoir. You’re drawing with the just the amount of ink held between the two pieces of metal.

It will clog as the super glue dries, so just drop in some acetone to dissolve the glue. By the way, a drug store medicine container is not affected by acetone, so just drop the pen (my pen detaches from the handle) and drop it in the medicine bottle. The glue will dissolve in just a few seconds.

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