It’s amazing how time and perspective make us appreciate things differently. Enterprise was certainly my least loved Star Trek series, largely because A, it played fast and loose with the Canon of Star Trek, and B, I didn’t want to go back in time from the 24th century, but continue with the story lines I’d come to know from the previous series. I wanted to know how the Federation would deal with the aftermath of the Dominion War and I bet the Borg weren’t done with the Alpha quadrant just yet.

But the absence of both Stargate and Star Trek on television and the disappointment of J.J. Abram’s movie (it was disappointing to me; I can understand that others might like it), have left me quite nostalgic about the last Star Trek series. And wouldn’t you know it, enough time has passed that the choices and direction I questioned on Enterprise are now part of Canon.

And it helps that all of Enterprise is now available to watch for free on Hulu. There’s nothing like building a Star Trek model while a Trek series is playing in the background. And it certainly helps that I’ve only watched most of the episodes once.

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