Mini AT-ST Popsicle Stick Model

Mini AT-ST Popsicle Stick ModelMini AT-ST Popsicle Stick Model.

This is just brilliant and pointless at the same time. It will be hard for me to resist trying the same thing, but what deters me is what the author of this instructable mentions:

The “chicken walkers” were more of a challenge to build compared with other fictional crafts since the mini AT-ST has to balance on two really skinny mechanical legs. That said, together with the very slow curing time of white glue combines for a rather difficult project.

That’s been my problem with card models, waiting for the glue to dry. It would probably help to get specialized PVA glue for this purpose.

The real nugget from this instructable, however, is the mention of this site:

Where lots of free blueprints are available to download in vector format. Unfortunately the one I really hope for, a Space 1999 Eagle Transporter, but I’m sure there are others that I may find in the future that will prove useful.

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