Shop tour continues: router fence

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  1. Shop tour: Rolling pegboard
  2. Shop tour continues: Tool swapping
  3. Shop tour continues: Router lift
  4. Shop tour continues: router fence

This router fence is its second incarnation, the first being so ludicrously stupid, I never used it, but some of the wood from the first time is used here. The new contraption is a split fence, which makes it very useful for edge jointing. I can add a cardboard shim to the outboard fence by loosening the bolts that hold the Melamine boards in place. I have used it to joint some pieces, although a ¾” thick board is about the maximum.

I can attach the hose from my dust collector and it works surprisingly well. I don’t have a means of catching the dust from the underside, however. That’s a problem if I’m using the router to cut a dado, however, I should be able to make a clamp to hold the dust collector hose in place. I can also attach the hose from the shop vac underneath the router table.

The fence has a T-track to accommodate feather boards to hold stock tight against the table. I just need to make the feather boards. You can also see that I’ve added a track in the router table top for the miter fence. I now have a capable router table and fence

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