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With this website, I hope to have several continuing/related posts going at once. Once I finish the ball turret yoke for my B-17 model, for instance, I can add another post to that series. But it can be difficult to remember when posting an article in a series to link it to the previous and the next article (really difficult for the next article because you haven’t written it yet).

That’s where the In-Series plugin comes in, a handy utility that, even though it’s been abandoned by its creator, still keeps chugging along. I just hope it will continue to work for future WordPress updates.

There’s very little to this plugin. All it does is at the beginning of a post, list all the other posts in the series. When you’re editing a post, you can assign a post to a series and specify whether the post is the start or the end of the series. The whole interface for the plugin is basically just a pulldown menu at the bottom of the post editor, from which you can assign the post to a series, and a text field where you can type the name of a new series.

I admit I am baffled how to change the name of a series should I have accidentally misspelled it, so far now, I had best be careful when naming a series.

Unfortunately the website for the plugin is no active (it’s a blank page), so let’s hope it works for future updates. At least I don’t need to donate to the author, but it would be worth it. (There are other plugins that perform essentially the same duty — — but I like the simplicity of this one.)

PS I am worried it may require editing the MySQL database in case I misspell a series name.

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