Finished document case


It took forever, but here is the completed document case before it goes downstairs. The glass is 3/8” thick and cost $281. It is tempered, which is why it’s so expensive. In the end, I went with simple knobs, rather than pulls or handles, because the knobs (98¢ at Home Depot) were cheap.


I’m pretty proud of the table top, which has half-lapped mitre joints, a lot easier to make than a true mitre joint, and just as pretty if you don’t look at the underside. The table top is remarkably true and square, which was important if the glass were to fit. Unfortunately it does  reveal the individualist nature of the plywood legs. The bottom drawer is also a little skewed, but it would take a keen eye to notice.



This picture shows the toggles, which prevent the drawers going all the way through. I do wish the knobs had a hint of brown and I may buy a can of spray paint to alleviate the black.

The bottom of the drawers is painted baize green to simulate felt.

The top is held in place with dowels and is not glued down, making it easy to disassemble for the trip downstairs. With the top and the drawers removed, the carcass is surprisingly light.

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